HP 2000C Paper Pickup Poblems


I have repaired a number of HP 2000C printers with paper pick up problems.

This is an email that I received reciently:-

From: "XXXXXXXXX" <@hotmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2005 12:03 PM
Subject: help to repair hp200c

my HP 2000C doesn't pick up paper well. It tries for 3 times to pick up a page.
Some times it succeeds, prints a few pages and then has the same problem
have you any idea what is wrong?
i can see no broken gears

thanks in advance

and here is my reply:-


Some of the 2000C's at my wife's school were having this same problem , and it turned out to be a simple fix.

I removed the output paper tray (the bit you lift up when you put more paper in) and then got a bit of paper towel with some 'iso-propyl-alcohol' (or tape head cleaner fluid) on it and hold it up to the under side of the four paper pickup rollers.

I then try to print out a page on the printer , which causes the rollers to turn. The printer tried 3 times then flashes the amber led to show a paper fault.

Place the paper towel up against the first roller then press the paper load button (one nearest the front of the printer). The roller will pick up some of the liquid from the towel and after the three paper load attempts remove the towel and use a fresh bit of towel for the next roller.

I found that after just three attempts with the paper towel up against the roller , that the paper towel was black where the roller had been. This is the dirt and dust which has come off the roller.

After doing this allow the rollers to dry for a few minutes and the printer should pick up the paper every time.

I will take some pictures of me doing this and update the page on my website to show the procedure.

Thanks for the question

In a reply to my email the person thanked me as after cleaning the rollers the printer was picking up paper again.
Bruce Benson