I now have only five computers running Seti at Home , four are at work and one at home

The five running machines are:-

1) My Sony PCG-FX203K laptop pIII 800Mhz 256Mbytes running W2K
2) Kevin's PC PIV 2.4G 512Mbytes running XP pro
3) Jims's PC PIV 2.8Ghz 512Mbytes running XP pro
4) No name cruncher Athlon 1600+ clocked to 1900+ with 128Mbytes running W2K
5) Home machine Intel P4 640 3.2G 800MFSB HT with 1G DDR2 ram (2X512's, Capable of over 20wu's in 24hrs but not left on 24/7) running XP pro

Currently churning out about 27 WU's a day

Soon to be added another P4 when funds allow hopefully another 600 series, probably with standard DDR not DDR2

My Seti Stats
My current seti spreadsheet