Roberts PCG-FX203K

This is the view of Roberts PGC-FX203K rear memory socket.

Sony had quoted him 357 to replace the motherboard. The portable had an intermittant boot problem which was proving hard to track down.

After stumbling across this site he contacted me. Robert bought a new larger memory stick which he placed in the front socket after removing the old two. The use of slot one bypassed the problem in order to be able to use the pc.

A close up of the faulty solder joints.

As you can see from the picture the two end pins have bad soldered joints and this is causing the intermittant boot problem.

Robert asked Sony to examine the memory socket for faults but Sony denied that their was any manufacturing fault.(You can make up your own mind).

Thanks to Robert for the picture.
If you have any queries about this or any other Sony machine faults then let me know. Bruce Benson