Sony VAIO Memory Socket Repair

This is the view of a Sony Vaio PGC-FX203K with the memory cover removed.
The portable had an intermittant boot problem which was proving hard to track down.

After stripping the unit down a few times I went in to the BIOS (when it decided to boot)
and saw that it wasn't reporting the correct amount of memory.

Checking the memory sockets revealed a number of unsoldered pins on the socket nearest the rear of the machine.

Most of the pins on the left hand side of the connector wern't soldered down and were mearly touching the pcb pads.

Resoldering the pins fixed the problem. More over checking other 203K's at work showed that they all suffered from this problem to some degree.

Repair stories

Robert from Sutton Coldfield contacted me for some help with his faulty PCG-FX203K Info here

If you have any queries about this or any other Sony machine faults then let me know. Bruce Benson